Moment to redefine non-essentials.

Just think of it - almost every job that was generating trillions of dollars across the globe just a few weeks ago is now termed 'non-essential' and confined to our home. Unless you are a healthcare worker or you contribute anything in anyways to basic human survival -  food, security, utilities, air, water - you... Continue Reading →


So, we are done with another edition of our Art of Coding class, where we teach our students on the nuances of programming practices, with special emphasis on problem-solving methods, software engineering and along the way writing lots of clean code and test scripts to implement some interesting algorithms. The obvious question that comes out... Continue Reading →

No Jobs ?!?

'Are you kidding me? For the past few months, we have been hunting for the right fit for few of the full stack developer positions and a machine learning engineer for our startup, with our own tests in an online coding platform and referrals from closed circuits. We are yet to find any. We even... Continue Reading →

The Switch.

The underlying thread that defines success and fulfilment of the human generations, more so in today's context of a flat, networked world is, Aspiration. Aspiration does not necessarily mean solely going after wealth and material gains. It is also about aspiring to create things, for social standing, peer recognition, leading to a change in role... Continue Reading →

Spoilt for Choice.

Have you heard this term, Overchoice? It is the state in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with multitude of options. Alvin Toffler introduced the term in Future Shock and it is so much relevant to this generation. Toffler claims, Overchoice happens when the advantages of diversity and abundance are... Continue Reading →

Ability to Code (from scratch).

Are you a programmer or anyway connected with software development? Let me ask you this question. When was the last time you wrote a fully functional block of code without checking Google or Stack overflow or Github? Or, when was the last time you really sat back and enjoyed your own, beautiful code - 'Wow,... Continue Reading →

A much desired habit.

Numbers fascinate me and so did a statistic that I received recently in my mail box. What's so surprising? Almost everything in that list is a game. I thought for a second, could it be just an Android phenomenon; perhaps iPhone users do something different? Here is the same metric for iPhone users from the... Continue Reading →

Uncanny Valley

Have you heard this term - uncanny valley? It was coined in the 70s (yes, way back in 1970!) by the Japanese roboticist, Masahiro Mori who created a graph that plotted the emotional response of a human being to a robot against the increase in the perceived realism of a robot. In simpler terms what this... Continue Reading →

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