When will Machines take over?

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking about them. - Alfred North Whitehead Whether we realize or not, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are all around us in every bit of our life. The cars we drive or the news we read or the  product recommendations we receive... Continue Reading →

Welcome back, Conversational Interface.

Can the future of User Interface (UI) be just the plain old Text? Here is a quick journey through the rise of the user interfaces and where it appears to converge in the days ahead. History often repeats itself and some of the great inventions of the future could be a glorified version of the simple... Continue Reading →

Coding Clean JavaScript : Take – 1

Have you ever wondered what it would take to design/define a new data type in JavaScript? Everything is an Object in JavaScript. We all know that being a loosely typed language it is easy to define a new data type in JavaScript. But how to do a systematic design of the data type? Let's learn how we... Continue Reading →

Rise of AI.

Couple of interesting articles caught my attention this week related to the field of AI. Bill Gates' dose of motivation to the graduates of 2017 on what's on the horizon for Technology and how it could impact our lives. He picks 3 areas, where Technology could make an immense impact to human lives in the coming days.  AI, Energy... Continue Reading →

Invest in yourself.

One of the most fashionable topic for the news media these days is around Automation, Skills and Job Loss. While there is as much talk about the job losses and skill gap, very less is discussed on WHY it happened in the first place. You cannot create a HOW without a deep understanding of the WHY. ... Continue Reading →

Being a Learn-it-all.

Happened to read a great interview in Business Insider from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Ever since he took over Microsoft, the tech giant has been on the news for all the right reasons. The one part of the interview that I personally liked is where he quotes from the book Mindset, by the Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck. Nadella:... Continue Reading →

Attention Span of Humans.

[What information consumes is] the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. - Herbert Simon, Nobel Winner for Economics (1978)

Work skills of the Future

According to the World Economic Forum's Future Jobs Report, in five years from now, nearly 1/3rd of the skills that are considered as important and relevant in today's scenario would have changed. Increased use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart devices powered by Digitization, Social media and advancements in other areas like Bio-technology, Material Sciences and... Continue Reading →

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